KGG LLC has been honored and privileged to have been been the legal home for many of the area’s most respected attorneys, who are now enjoying a well-deserved retirement or have taken on other challenges out of state.  Although no longer actively involved in practice at KGG LCC, the attorneys listed below provided a strong foundation for the attorneys who have stepped into their shoes and we honor their service with us, whether their tenure here was long or short.



KGG LLC and its predecessors were blessed to have Jim as an integral part of the firm for Jim’s entire long and illustrious legal career, serving as an attorney with for firm for more than 40 years.  He stepped back his practice late in 2018 and declared full retirement at the beginning of 2021.  Jim is an important component of the KGG history and remains always ready to take a phone call from colleagues at KGG that he worked with or mentored for years.

Born and raised in Joliet, Jim graduated from Joliet Catholic High School, obtained his bachelor’s degree from University of Notre Dame, earned his juris doctor from Loyola–Chicago, then returned to his hometown to begin practicing law in Joliet.  He began as a novice attorney for the firm in 1976 when the firm was located in the Rialto building, but quickly advanced to partnership status around 1983.

Jim concentrated his civil practice in medical malpractice defense and other insurance defense and general civil litigation.  He was recognized year after year as a Leading Lawyer in the area of medical negligence defense.

If Jim represented you on a medical malpractice case, please contact Scott Hardek for assistance with your legal matters.  For insurance defense cases, please contact Lisa Holloway.  For all other civil litigation, please contact Bryan Kopman.



While at KGG, Ms. Vosicky focused her practice on commercial litigation of all sorts in both state and federal courts.  She tried numerous contract cases, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, and foreclosures.

Outside of litigation, she advised clients regarding leases, contracts, and employment matters, and drafted promissory notes, leases, contracts, and mortgages.

Following her passion to protect civil rights and provide community support for transgender and non-binary individuals, she accepted a position as the Executive Director of GenderNexus in Indiana in 2020.

If Emma represented you at KGG and you still need legal services for your business, please contact Bryan Kopman or Paul Richards for assistance.




Mike practiced in Joliet his entire legal career, beginning in 1976.  He focused his practice on land use and zoning, commercial and residential real estate, and legal business counseling. Mike represented numerous developers who have contributed to the economic well-being of the Joliet area.  He was recognized as a Leading Lawyer for many years.

Mike operated his own successful practice from 2001 until joining KGG in 2017 when he wanted to begin the process of moving toward retirement.  Mike looked for a well-respected firm with superior experience and legal skill to which he could entrust his life’s work.  He chose KGG to eventually take over his practice and provide legal services to his long-time clients.  Over a five year period, Mike has partnered with KGG as he slowed his practice and eased incrementally into retirement.  KGG is delighted to continue his work and provide all the legal services that his clients need.

If Mike has assisted you in the past and you need legal services again, please contact Tom Osterberger or Nate Washburn.




Harry focused his practice on subrogation cases for insurance companies for over 30 years, trying hundreds of cases throughout all of Illinois.  He managed his own law firm in Naperville from 1985 until joining KGG in 2019.  Like Mr. Hansen, he wanted a qualified firm to be able to take over his practice as he neared retirement.  He called on his trusted friend and former associate at his firm, Lisa Holloway, now at KGG.  KGG has a long history of representing insurance companies in both defense cases for their insureds and in subrogation cases.  It was a perfect fit.  Harry brought his trusted assistant to KGG, who has settled in nicely and helped make a seamless transition of Harry’s practice to KGG.  Harry is committed to full retirement in 2022, and KGG has successfully taken over his state-wide subrogation practice.

If Harry has assisted you with subrogation services in the past, please now contact Lisa Holloway to assist you.