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Medical Defense has been the heart of KGG, LLC since its inception. We represent physicians, medical practices, nurses, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care providers from all types of medical specialties. We have a long-standing relationship with several medical insurers and a lengthy history of representing medical professionals and institutions.

We know that patient care is the most important thing for our medical clients. Medical providers can be confident that we are handling their case with the utmost attention and proficiency, so that they can stay focused on their patients. We recognize that it is not sufficient for us to understand only the legal aspect of a case. It is imperative to grasp the medical element as well. We work with our medical clients and with other medical experts to study the medical details involved in each case. We make sure that we understand the medical nuances of the case, so that we can clearly convey critical information in a manner that a judge and jury can understand too.

KGG attorneys are well-versed with legal issues specific to medical cases, often enabling us to obtain dismissals early in the process. However, most medical claims are resolved at a jury trial. We have represented medical providers in countless jury trials. Our courtroom confidence and medical knowledge equip us to clearly demonstrate to the jury the appropriateness of the medical treatment delivered. As long-time representatives of medical providers, we are also sensitive to scheduling issues and the need to accommodate physicians and their patients during the course of litigation.

In addition to litigating cases, we work with medical practices and institutions to review policies, procedures, and practices to help reduce risk. We also assist with non-medical issues, including employee relations and contracts.

Let us take care of legal issues, so you can take care of your patients. For an aggressive defense against medical negligence claims in Will County, Chicago, and the entire northern Illinois area, talk to your insurance carrier and request the attorneys of KGG, LLC. Call us at 815-727-4511 orĀ contact us online.


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