uniform-accomplishments-56675889We are proud of our achievements, both in and out of court, and are pleased to be of service to our clients.  We look forward to adding your case to our list of successes.  Here are just a few of the successes we’ve had in helping our clients meet their goals and a few of the kind and grateful words that our clients have expressed to us.


  • Appellate Court affirms trial court’s dismissal of Plaintiff’s Complaint on the pleadings in favor of Defendant client, a local municipality. – October 2023
  • Third District Appellate Court affirms trial court’s entry of summary judgment in favor of client, who was Trustee of a living trust and accused of breaching her fiduciary duty for paying herself for work legitimately performed for disabled trust beneficiary. – October 2023
  • Prevailed in appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court, obtaining reversal of appellate court order and affirmance of trial court’s dismissal of Complaint.  The Court overturned an eighty-year-old case, and KGG saved client and co-Defendants several million dollars after Plaintiff sought refund of twelve years of taxes. – September 2023
  • Appellate court found that client was entitled to damages for breach of contract and was also entitled to reasonable attorneys fees incurred in obtaining that award of damages. – May 2023
  • Client granted sole decision-making authority for child and granted primary custody with preferred schedule after three-day contentious custody trial. – February 2023
  • Summary judgment entered in favor of landlord client, with judge commenting that the motion was well-researched and well-written – February 2023
  • Motion to Bar Plaintiff’s Expert granted, resulting in reduced demand for settlement and furthering settlement negotiations.  – August 2022
  • Motion to Dismiss Complaint with prejudice granted in favor of client based on res judicata. – July 2022
  • Summary judgment granted in favor of client Townhome Owners’ Association and against plaintiff, who asserted that he was injured by falling roofing materials while a contractor was replacing the roof on the townhome where he was a visitor. – July 2022
  • Illinois Supreme Court grants Petition for Leave to Appeal after Appellate Court reversed trial court’s dismissal of Complaint. – May 2022
  • KGG obtains dismissal of Complaint seeking over a $1 million from local municipality.  – March 2022
  • Dismissal of claim against corporate client by former employee who claimed discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act related to contraction of Covid-19.  Illinois Department of Human Rights held in favor of client, finding that the charge was not legally supportable under the facts. – January 2022
  • Prevailed on motion to dismiss on statute of limitations grounds early in case for radiologist and radiology group accused of medical malpractice.  – November 2021
  • Verdict in favor of homeowner client after a bench trial on mechanics lien case.  Court found that contractor had not performed the work in a workmanlike manner and was not owed anything.  – November 2021
  • Secured dismissal of case on grounds of having been filed in an inconvenient forum, which enabled the case to be litigated more efficiently and cost-effectively in neighboring state where there was already pending litigation and where client would have access to needed witnesses.  – November 2021
  • Obtained custody of two children for client in complicated family law trial with unique issues involving international law, children being held in a foreign country, military veterans, and expired Visas.  – February 2021
  • Affirmance on appeal in favor of client who had obtained verdict in his favor in a bench trial.  – February 2021
  • Obtained an affirmance on appeal of summary judgment entered in favor of physician.  – November 2020
  • Bench trial verdict in favor of defendant client who had been accused of conversion of abandoned property left by Seller on the premises after sale of real estate.  – December 2019
  • With several other attorneys representing various taxing bodies, obtained dismissal of a complaint seeking several million dollars in commercial property tax refunds.  – December 2019
  • Jury verdict finding in favor of client Defendant/physician in medical malpractice case. – April 2019
  • Summary Judgment granted in favor of physician/client, eliminating a major issue for trial. – April 2019
  • Finding in favor of client Plaintiff/insurer on judgment on the pleadings in a declaratory judgment action (July 2017) is upheld by the appellate court. KGG represented client at both trial and appellate levels. – May 2018
  • Jury verdict finding in favor of client Defendant/medical group  in medical malpractice case where the plaintiff sought damages of nearly $1 million. – April 2018
  • Client obtains judgment in his favor following eleven day trial in family court.  – December 2017
  • Settlement obtained for plaintiff/client in an amount exceeding $1.5 million for a trust contest/undue influence/tortious interference with testamentary expectancy case. – December 2016
  • 7th Circuit Appellate Court upholds judgments in favor of KGG clients in amounts in excess of $2.4 million. – July 2016
  • Judgment entered in favor of KGG client/Defendant following a bench trial in a dog bite case where Plaintiff made a settlement demand exceeding $300,000 and requested $750,000 in damages at trial. – June 2016
  • Judgment entered in favor of KGG represented Defendant after bench trial where Plaintiff claimed that Defendant performed utility line installation negligently and caused damage to property. – May 2016
  • Finding of no liability against KGG represented Defendant in binding arbitration of a premises liability case involving a fall where Plaintiff sought $225,000.00. – April 2016
  • Judgment entered after jury trial in favor of surgeon and professional medical practice where Plaintiff claimed negligent treatment and asked the jury for over $1,000,000 in damages. – October 2015
  • Judgment entered after trial in favor of KGG’s client, an international company, on claims of forcible entry and detainer, trespass, ejectment.  Monetary damages granted in addition to possession of property.  – August 2015
  • Judgment entered in favor of client land owner after binding arbitration in which Plaintiff claimed in excess of $1,000,000 damages after a fall on client’s property. – June 2015
  • Obtained reversal on appeal of trial court’s granting of summary judgment in favor of Defendants and obtained remand granting trial for Plaintiff client. – July 2014
  • Judgment vacated and case dismissed against disabled client with KGG’s pro bono representation. – April 2014.
  • Successfully defended on appeal a verdict in favor of Plaintiff client in an action against police department for willful and wanton conduct, where trial court awarded damages in favor of Plaintiff of $449,533.08. (Plaintiff was represented at trial by another law firm, who retained KGG to represent client on appeal.) – February 2014



  • Robert Gorbold is elevated from Fellow in the Litigation Counsel of America to Senior Fellow.  Senior Fellow status in the society is reserved for advanced commitment to and support of excellence and accomplishment in litigation in both trial and appellate levels, along with superior ethical reputation. – June 2018
  • KGG awarded 2017 Readers’ Choice Award for Will County’s Best Employer of under 50 employees and One of the Best Business to Business Professional Services providers.  Read More. Read More. – December 2017
  • Kathy Sons is selected to serve as a judge for the Illinois State Bar Association’s Annual Lincoln Award Legal Writing Contest.  – October 2017
  • Bryan Kopman is appointed as a Trustee for Troy Township Board of Supervisors.  Read More. – July 5, 2017
  • Ragan Freitag accepts appointment as Will County Board’s chief of staff.  KGG will miss her, but wishes her well in her new position.  Read More. – January 2017
  • Jeff Archambeault is selected as Director for the Will County Bar Association for a term beginning July 1, 2016.  – April 2016
  • Chantal Host is appointed as a Village of Channahon Trustee. Read More. – June 2015

     Client Praise and Gratitude

  • “Thank you so much for fighting for me today. You were fierce!” – Client to Chantal Host following hearings on motions in court January 2024
  • “Mike, Thank you for helping guide us through such a chaotic chapter of our life.  We’re very lucky to have you in our corner.  Your team’s hard work and professionalism will not be forgotten.  Take care!” – Client to Mike Gahan following recovery for client on personal injury claim April 2023
  • “Thank you so much for referring us to John!  He was wonderful and skillfully got [us] the best outcome!  Please tell him what a great job he did!” – client to Lisa Holloway regarding John Rambo’s work on a matter April 2021
  • “I just wanted to say thank you to your attorney Lisa and you for this morning’s hearing. You guys made the process so easy and comfortable and I really appreciate it.” Client regarding Lisa Holloway and assistant Beth Carver’s work for a Zoom arbitration hearing March 2021
  • “Thank you for all your help and guidance with [the] trust. I appreciate your skills and excellent communication.” – Client to Kathy Sons September 2020
  • “I was very pleased with the way that you outlined the salient points of this case, and was confident that you had made effective arguments on my behalf. . . . I could tell that you cared as much about the outcome as I did, [which] was very reassuring.” – Client to Bob Gorbold and Nicole Johs after successful conclusion of jury trial April 2019
  • “You have truly been a blessing to me and my family.  I appreciate all of your time, effort, and amazing communication in this matter.  You are without a doubt one of a kind and a good hearted human being.  I will never hesitate to recommend you in the future.” – Client to Jeff Archambeault June 2018
  • “Thank you so much for seeing this through to the end.  This case was won because of all your skills in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together and your incredible skills in writing all those legal submissions every step of the process …  and I am so grateful.” – Client to Kathy Sons after favorable settlement concluding lengthy litigation  February 2017
  • “Chantal, I just want to Thank You for all your help, all these years. You and your staff are truly a blessing to me and my family. We cannot thank you enough.” – longtime Client December 2016
  • “Ms. Host did an excellent job in our case.  She is a valuable asset to your firm.  She is the reason we chose your firm.” – Client March 2015
  • “Ragan is amazing! She won our petition for removal out of state case for us, and my family is ever so grateful! She’s a genuine person who really cares about her clients and their families.” – Client November 2014
  • “Both you [Emma Vosicky] and Jim [Grumley] practice law the way it should be: with honesty, integrity, and respect.   You both raise this profession to the high standard it deserves and represent the best of what it means to be an attorney. . . . Thank you for the work that both of you do.  [We] appreciate everything that you and Jim have done for us and we are very fortunate that life gave us the opportunity to meet you both.” – Client November 2014
  • “He will be so appreciative of all your hard work, as we are!  Thanks Dick – what a great person and we really appreciate her efforts.  Thank you also, because I know it comes through you!”  – Businesswoman on behalf of referred pro bono client to Richard Kavanagh and Kathy Sons May 2014
  • “Chantal, Thank you so much for all your help and understanding and work on my case.  I have such admiration and respect for my colleagues who put their values before anything else in their job.  Thank you for being the wonderful person you are.” – Fellow attorney and client June 2015


  • Kathy Sons and KGG thanked for work on case saving taxpayers millions. Joliet Herald News State Supreme Court rules in favor of Joliet over Evergreen Terrace taxes Nov. 2023
  • Paul Richards publishes Practitioner Notes: Bank Insulates Itself from Liability in Check Scam in Illinois State Bar Association Business Advice & Financial Planning Section newsletter Dec. 2022
  • Jim Grumley is featured in Leading Lawyers Magazine – Business Edition for 2018. Good Fortune ‘Finds’ Meticulously Prepared Med Mal Defense Lawyer Sept. 2018
  • KGG client Elion Partners LLC opens 1.5 million square-foot warehouse in Wilmington, Illinois. KGG partners Tom Osterberger and Paul Richards continue to provide legal direction for the project.  The project is an economic boon to the Will County community and will bring hundreds of jobs to the area.  Read More.  –  Nov. 22, 2017
  • Kathy Sons provides a response to an attorney inquiry regarding settlement checks in an online discussion group, which response was featured in the February 2017 issue of the Illinois Bar Journal at p. 42. – Feb. 2017
  • Ragan Freitag leads the Will County Board’s effort to combat the heroin epidemic in the county.  Read More.  –  March 4, 2016
  • Chantal Host was the featured speaker at the Will County Bar Association Guardian Ad Litem Series for continuing legal education, providing instruction on recent changes in Illinois law regarding parenting time after divorce. – February 25, 2016
  • Will County Board member Ragan Freitag supports partnership between City of Joliet and Will County to build a new much-needed courthouse in downtown Joliet.  Read More. – August 21, 2015
  • Mike Gahan fights for family whose mother donated body for science and whose remains were never properly disposed and may have instead been sold on the black market. Read More. – August 7, 2015
  • Lawyers helping one another – Illinois State Bar Association’s discussion group listservs provide a mechanism for discussion of legal issues and a resource for information on issues new to a lawyer.  Kathy Sons provided an answer and starting point for research in response to a question posed and that response was featured in the July issue of the Illinois Bar Journal at p. 28-29. – July 2015
  • Ragan Freitag gives back the community and encourages students to do the same. Read More. – April 24, 2015
  • Bryan Kopman represents objector to proposed referendum that the Joliet Electoral Board rejects as being insufficient under law. Read More. – August 28, 2014

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