Appellate Practice


Whether you are protecting a decision in your favor or challenging errors made by the trial court, KGG’s appellate attorneys have the knowledge, research skills, analytical ability, and writing proficiency to ensure that the appellate court has a strong basis to rule in your favor. We appeal cases that KGG handled at the trial level, as well as brief and argue appeals for other law firms and attorneys.

We have represented clients in appeals in many areas of practice and involving a wide scope of issues. We have prevailed on appeals in the areas of medical negligence defense, contract litigation, product liability, attorney malpractice, and probate cases. We have addressed evidentiary errors, constitutional violations, and venue errors, among numerous other issues, in cases that sought money damages, injunctive relief, and declarations of rights.

Our experience includes over 100 appeals that have resulted in more than 60 published opinions, in addition to numerous Appellate Orders. We have represented doctors, hospitals, lawyers, insurers, municipalities, small and large companies, manufacturers, and real estate developers on appeals.

We brief and argue appeals in both state and federal court at all levels. We have taken appeals to the Illinois Supreme Court, and practiced in the United State Supreme Court, as well.

Your case doesn’t always end in the trial court. Let our experience safeguard you at the next level of the legal process.

Put our research and legal analysis into your appeal. For superior brief-writing and oral argument in Will County, the southwest suburbs, Chicago, and rural northern Illinois, call KGG LLC at 815-727-4511 or contact us online.